Ever So Silent: An Emma Thorne Mystery

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   A bustling thriller with a whip-smart female protagonist, Little’s debut novel offers moxie and menace on every page. Thirty-six-year old police officer Emma Thorne certainly has her hands full. As if it isn’t hard enough living in the twitchy-curtain town of Hampshire, Connecticut, her professor husband’s ongoing depression has become so severe he’s stopped teaching his Yale classes. Then, all of a sudden, he vanishes. Soon thereafter, Hampshire’s lecherous mayor promotes Emma to Chief of Police at the exact time that a serial killer starts terrorizing the town. The cops call him “Mr. Sharpie,” because of the permanent marker clues he inks on victims’ bodies. As they search for Mr. Sharpie, Emma’s loyalties are torn when her missing husband becomes a suspect. And when the small-town tides-of-favor turn and her fellow officers start to doubt her innocence, Emma goes rogue to protect both the townspeople and herself against Mr. Sharpie’s rage. Frantic to stop the murders, she is now on the run ... hunted by her fellow officers.
  Ever So Silent is available as a paperback and an ebook through Amazon.com in the US as well as Amazon sites in the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Australia.
   By early June, you will be able to order it from your favorite local bookseller.

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" ... Little’s gleefully convoluted mystery has a first-rate protagonist for a prospective series. Over the course of the story, Emma valiantly deals with a lecherous mayor and uncooperative cops who resent her role as chief. Although many secondary characters show deviousness, Emma’s police dog, Pepper, is refreshingly loyal and reliable. The story features plenty of violence, including brutal homicides and meticulous examination of the corpses. Even the humor is dark, although it’s delivered well; in one scene, for instance, Emma gets rid of an annoying woman who’s fawning over the easygoing Pepper by saying, 'I wouldn’t get near her if I were you. She’s vicious.' Intermittent scenes from the killer’s perspective will put readers ahead of the investigators, but that doesn’t make the tale any less nerve-wracking.

A high-quality murder mystery with a labyrinthine plot and a memorable heroine." — KIRKUS REVIEWS



Before turning to writing, Christopher Little was a well-known photojournalist. His assignments—for publications like People, Time, Life, and The New York Times—took him to all fifty states and seventy-seven of the world’s countries. He has photographed thirteen books and wrote and photographed one non-fiction book, The Rockbound Coast: Travels in Maine. Among his books are Atlantic High (Doubleday) and Racing Through Paradise (Random House) with William F. Buckley, Jr.; Fallingwater (Abbeville) 1986; Fallingwater (Rizzoli) 2016; and Elegant New York (Abbeville) with John Tauranac.

Ever So Silent is his first novel.

Little lives in Northwest Connecticut with Betsy, his wife, and their rescue dog, Ruby.

Author's website: christopherlittle.com


Indie Author

In the long run, Kindle and the ebook craze did not destroy the printed book as was widely expected. When Amazon released its first e-reader twelve years ago, it sold out in five-and-a-half hours. I bought one. Instead, what happened is that readers of mass market paperbacks, especially in genres like Romance and Mystery/Thrillers converted to reading on ebooks, and that decimated the sales of mass market paperbacks. Only the big-name, established authors - and I say that without rancor - find their books on the shelves in airports, supermarkets, and Walmart.

For indie authors to survive, we rely on reviews and word-of-mouth. If you enjoyed this story, please take a moment to leave a review and recommend my book to your friends, your family, and others you think might enjoy Ever So Silent. Thank you for reading.

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