Reviews for Ever So Silent


From Kirkus Reviews


In Little’s debut thriller, a small-town Connecticut cop investigates a series of murders that she suspects may have been committed by her missing spouse. Officer Emma Thorne has been dealing with her husband Will Foster’s severe depression. Will, a Yale University professor, hasn’t taught a class in months and has hinted that he’s contemplating suicide. One day, Emma returns home to find that he’s inexplicably disappeared, leaving his wallet, identification, and cellphone behind. A search, with help from fellow officers, turns up nothing. After accepting the job of police chief—a position vacated after her father’s unexpected death—Emma hires private investigator Mark Byrne to focus on locating Will. Emma, meanwhile, is busy with a murder case; a guy whom she dated back in high school initially seems to be a suicide until Emma, working with a forensic pathologist, uncovers foul play. After more bodies are found that are clearly homicides, cops dub the killer “Mr. Sharpie,” as each victim is marked with a letter or number, written in ink. A cryptic text leads Emma to believe that Will is alive, and evidence from murder scenes seems to implicate him in the killings.

It seems that all the victims have ties to Emma, so there’s a good chance she may become a suspect, as well—or the next victim. Little’s gleefully convoluted mystery has a first-rate protagonist for a prospective series.

Over the course of the story, Emma valiantly deals with a lecherous mayor and uncooperative cops who resent her role as chief. Although many secondary characters show deviousness, Emma’s police dog, Pepper, is refreshingly loyal and reliable. The story features plenty of violence, including brutal homicides and meticulous examination of the corpses. Even the humor is dark, although it’s delivered well; in one scene, for instance, Emma gets rid of an annoying woman who’s fawning over the easygoing Pepper by saying, “I wouldn’t get near her if I were you. She’s vicious.” Intermittent scenes from the killer’s perspective will put readers ahead of the investigators, but that doesn’t make the tale any less nerve-wracking.

A high-quality murder mystery with a labyrinthine plot and a memorable heroine.